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A place where you get your UGC video ads, Short-Form video content, photos or images ads and graphics created for your business and brand. Converting UGCs are the assets your business can have in various formats.

We create great UGC creatives at scale for eCom brands, businesses, start-ups, consultants, coaches, authors, artists and more. 


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Order UGC video ads, testimonial videos, company showcase videos, VSL, how-to videos, 360 degrees videos, unboxing videos, graphics, and more...

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What Platforms Should I Use My UGC Creatives On?

You can use your CAP WORLD Top Life UGC Creatives on all the leading platforms: Everywhere!!!


For product reviews, ads, tutorials, unboxings, testimonials...


For product reviews, ads, tutorials, unboxings, testimonials, stories, reels...


For product reviews, listing videos, ads...


For product reviews, tutorials, unboxings, testimonials, ads, stories...


For product reviews, tutorials, unboxings, video intro, live intro, testimonials...


For product reviews, tutorials, unboxings, testimonials...


For product reviews, tutorials, unboxings, testimonials...


For product reviews, tutorials, testimonials...

And More...

Our Creative Process:

Our 4-step process will allow you to get your order processed with no hassle. 

  • Send Your Product; you have to ship your product to one of our Productions team members, wherever they might be to receive your product. You cover all the shipping costs.

  • Project Scoop Discussion: During our onboarding process. We will talk about the entire project scoop and what to put and not put in the UGC as well as your preferences, the paperwork and BUDGETs. After then we will email you a form to fill. It will only take you less than a minute to fill in your details and order preferences. content formats: Video, Photo [Image or graphic] or document [PDF, eBook, etc.]: this will help us know how we can best serve you.

  • UGC Creation Kick-Off: After we agree on the scoop as well as all that will play a huge role in the making of the content; Clovis AP and his team will start filming to produce "The Only Top UGC You NEED".

  •  UGC Finalized And Delivered: We deliver "The Only Top UGC You NEED" for both organic and paid ads Every Single Week. And continue to build off what's working and tested with ADS to increase brand awareness and revenue.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It, 
What Some Of Many Clients Say:

"In Case You Decide To Work With Us At CAP WORLD Top Life; The Process Is Simple And You Get Your UGC In A Week After The Item (If Any) Or Idea (In Case There's No Item Involved) You Sent Has Been Received."

Note: The video length will vary from 10 to 30-60 seconds, as the best for ads, short presentations, testimonials, demos, etc. For long-format content and large-volume orders, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be glad to assist you with your concern.

We are now taking on clients' orders, 

are you ready to get your creatives made?

Your First Order PROMO

Why Use CAP WORLD Top Life Creatives?

It's one of our core VALUES and we're known for that!

Knowledgeable Creative Team
At CAP WORLD Top Life the get the whole creative team is extremely skilled and always great at delivering valuable ad creatives.

Profitability Increase
As we create assets for your business, everything we deliver is of high value and performance to help you generate healthy and better ROAs: Return On Advertising Spend than elsewhere.

Trusted By Top Tier Brands And Businesses
Thousands of businesses and start-ups have experienced a huge increase in sales, reach, and engagement with CAP WORLD Top Life Creatives.

Our UGC AD Strategy - Businesses And Brands:

We leverage our existing "WINNING ADS Assets" and systems with our new UGC Creatives from animations, unboxing videos, problem/solution videos, before/after videos, lifestyle/application videos, and various UGC: User-Generated Content focused on the business or brand designed with so much intention and purpose.

From direct response mobile friendly UGC for TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

  • We Always Test UGC Ad Creatives; with different angles, concepts and styles to natively integrate the desired platform and click with the audience so that ads can perform better and that helps the business or brand to stay on top of UGCs and trends.
  • We Go Into The Analytics; Testing alone helps get more data that dictates the next moves. We do not go with volatile metrics, we go deep into the analytics to really see how the UGC AD Creatives are performing in terms of placements, A/B Tests results, Conversion and much more every single week.
  • We Have Our In-House Team; Does your business or brand want to work with Clovis AP and his top content creators team? From micro to macro-influencers, brand ambassadors? Stop looking, we can help you with vetted creators for all your UGC needs. We Serve Worldwide!

We are now taking on clients' orders, 

are you ready to get your creatives made?

Your First Order PROMO

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