As many have been asking, why should businesses, brands, startups and entrepreneurs count on paid ads as part of their scaling strategy even with iOS updates? Let's find out! 

Marketing And Advertising With iOS Updates - CAP WORLD Top Life
Marketing And Advertising With iOS Updates -

Advertising has been around for a long time now, but still, people and businesses cannot get over it. Why, though? 

In case you didn't know, on average up to 5,000 and above people come across an ad every single day. Can you imagine that number? And it comes to over a million eyeballs when online. This is to show that ad campaigns are being created and launched as you are reading this right now. With this fact, there's no way businesses and brands can really put paid ads in the trash; they cannot even think of it, unless their ads are really, for lack of a better term, trash!

The point here is, businesses don't just have to create and launch ads, which pretty much everyone can do; they have to make sure all ad campaigns that go out for people to see, mostly online, are so effective for them not to waste both time and money even though time is money*

How Do You Make Sure Your Ad Campaigns Stay Effective?

I will simply suggest three key factors to determine if your business or brand’s paid ads are effectively made:

Just follow my CBM Ad Strategy suggestion, which we also use at CAP WORLD Top Life: 

  • Compelling Ads: evoking interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way.
  • Bold Ads: having a strong or vivid appearance.
  • Memorable Ads: worth remembering or easily remembered, primarily because of being exceptional or unusual.

Yes, CBM Ad Strategy saves lives and has enabled us at CAP WORLD Top Life to help businesses and brands, startups and entrepreneurs thrive since 2007 with countless results focusing on our creative next-level digital solutions, so different and unique.

You might wonder, is that it? Is it all businesses, brands, startups and entrepreneurs have to do to make their ads effective? 

Keep reading, we are not done yet, although the CBM helps, it's just one of the many strategies you can apply to your ad campaigns across all paid ads platforms. However, you will have to have a plan, not a complicated one, a plan that is simple yet with quality and goals that can be measured with well-tracked data and metrics in all aspects while you get your message across.

Don't Just Stop Right There! 

So many mistakes that businesses, brands, startups and entrepreneurs do are mostly based on the fact they all rely so much on the paid ads aspect while forgetting about other company assets such as the website or just a landing page, socials, and more. 

And although, it's not a one-size-fits-all kind of way to look at it; it is so effective when all these are involved and put together. Together we can, as the saying goes.

At CAP WORLD Top Life, we have over 15 years of experience and flexibility with paid ads platforms along with our business solutions and countless results for our clients. Plus, we still thrive even with iOS and any platform updates due to our ability to innovate, adapt and thrive.

If you are interested and want us to help you run effective paid ads for your business, brand or startup? Consider availing of our DFY: Done-For-You Ads Offer DEAL while it lasts.

And YES again, paid ads are still effective even with recent iOS updates. 

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